Ohio University Financial Agreement

Semester fees include tuition and overhead. Education and royalty rates are available at the Bursar office. This figure excludes course fees in course offers. Ohio University reserves the right to make any tariff adjustments without notice. Royalties are calculated on the basis of the following conditions:I. Campus fees vary depending on the campus where the student is enrolled.II The fee for the Standard load course is charged if a student predated 12 hours or more of a semester and a student 9 or more. Part-time work costs are charged when a student has planned less than 12 hours of semester and a student less than nine semesters. For students, overtime fees are charged for each hour of more than 20 hours per semester for students and 18 hours of semester for higher education graduates. III.

Student level (graduate or bachelor`s degree) DO NOT level the Undergraduate course Students cannot plan level-level courses unless they are admitted to a special program for this purpose. Graduates taking bachelor`s degrees pay tuition.IV. The classification of student residences The difference between territorial and non-resident fees is the non-governmental supplement for non-ohio residents. Petitions for a change of residence must be filed at undergraduate Admissions or Graduate College before the last day to register for the course for the term you wish to reclassify.V. Course fees course fees are assessed in addition to teaching and overhead costs. Course fees for certain courses are listed in the course Offerings.VI. Insurance Ohio University requires that all national students who work five or more semester hours and all international students who complete one or more semester hours be covered by health insurance if they are registered on the Athens campus. An accident and health insurance plan to supplement the student health service`s coverage is automatically billed to all students who comply with this directive. National students can file a waiver declaration if they have comparable coverage.

The deadline for the release of student health insurance is indicated in the academic calendar. A waiver can be submitted through the My OHIO Student Center (which can be viewed from the My OHIO portal – Accounts tab). International students on all campuses must support Ohio University`s accident and health insurance plan unless they are eligible for a waiver. If an international student is eligible, the student must apply for the waiver from the Office of International Student and Faculty Services (ISFS) within the aforementioned time limit. The accident and health insurance plan is also available for dependants. International students are required to learn Ohio University policy for their spouses and dependent children. A registration card for dependents is available from Campus Care Assurance. The insurance premium is a non-refundable fee. Students on the regional campus should contact their campus student office for registration information. Students on the regional campus are not automatically enrolled in an insurance plan.

Students on the regional campus must be enrolled within nine hours or more of a semester to be eligible. For more information about the Ohio University Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan, please contact Campus Care, 740.597.1816, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m..m, Monday, Monday- Friday, or visit www.ohio.edu/medicine/community-health/campus-care/billing.cfm.VII. WellBeing Fee The Wellbeing Fee is a university rebate program that helps reduce the cost of patient care for certain services through counselling and psychology (CPS). The wellness fee of $45 per semester is automatically charged to students who are not covered by the guaranteed program if they are enrolled in specific programs for one or more hours of credit. For more information on wellness costs, please www.ohio.edu/wellbeing. The deadline to cancel this service is indicated in the academic calendar